Resources for potential, new, and experienced doulas



Printed and electronic material is available to help grow doula literacy across the state. With these resources, doulas in even the most remote areas, can help educate potential clients, providers and referral partners.

Continuing Education

South Dakota Doulas works to provide learning opportunities for potential, new and established doulas.


Virtual and in person networking events connect you with other doulas and birth professionals in this state. This is a great opportunity to build relationships within your referral network. Follow us on social media or check out our “Doulas in Action” page.


South Dakota Doulas works to build community partnerships and improve birthing outcomes for South Dakota mothers and babies.  We advocate for sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility for doulas. Check out our legislative campaign and join our efforts for Medicaid coverage of doulas.
Victoria Wakeman

Victoria Wakeman

Childbirth Professionals International Doula Trainer

Upcoming Courses: Spring 2024 (not scheduled)


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