We're here for the whole family for the whole experience


Prenatal appointments give your doula the opportunity to learn about your birth and postpartum preferences, and develop plans that work best for the family.  You establish a relationship and your doula learns about your personal communication style and needs.  Doulas offer personalized resources and evidence based information to guide you on your journey.


As part of the birth team, doulas help advocate for the mother and can help people articulate their questions, preferences and values . Doulas help figure out what to do when, by coming up with positions and comfort techniques. Doulas provide continuous support, a familiar face, and a creative brain that works to make things better.


Postpartum doulas provide emotional and informational support following the birth. They help assist with the physical recovery of the mother post birth, infant feedings, running errands, light housework or meal preparation. Postpartum doulas nourish the mother, by helping optimize rest and enhance healing. This is such a delicate and precious time for the family, doulas are here to help make this new transition as smooth as possible.


Doulas do not replace birth and other education classes. They work to personalize the information and help with questions. Doulas provide evidence-based resources and have a large local network of local referrals and professional providers.

A family at stages of doula services